Linux Journal Issue #301/August 2019

Table of Contents

The DevOps Issue  by Bryan Lunduke
From the Editor  by Doc Searls
Where the Internet Gets Real


DNA Geometry with cadnano  by Joey Bernard
Patreon and Linux Journal  
Loadsharers: Funding the Load-Bearing Internet Person  by Eric S. Raymond
Reality 2.0: a Linux Journal Podcast  
News Briefs  


Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   RV Offsite Backup Update  
Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Understanding Python's asyncio  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Bash Shell Games: Continuing Development of the Go Fish! Game  
Zack Brown's diff -u   What's New in Kernel Development  
Glyn Moody's Open Sauce   Open Source Is Good, but How Can It Do Good?  

Deep Dive: DevOps

Experts Attempt to Explain DevOps—and Almost Succeed  by Bryan Lunduke
What is DevOps? How does it relate to other ideas and methodologies within software development?
Continuous Integration/Continuous Development with FOSS Tools  by Quentin Hartman
Up your DevOps game! Get the fundamentals of CI/CD with FOSS tools now!
Digging Through the DevOps Arsenal: Introducing Ansible  by Petros Koutoupis
If you need to deploy hundreds of server or client nodes in parallel, maybe on premises or in the cloud, and you need to configure each and every single one of them, what do you do?
My Favorite Infrastructure  by Kyle Rankin
Take a tour through the best infrastructure I ever built with stops in architecture, disaster recovery, configuration management, orchestration and security.


Build a Versatile OpenStack Lab with Kolla  by John S. Tonello
Hone your OpenStack skills with a full deployment in a single virtual machine..
Running GNOME in a Container  by Adam Verslype
Containerizing the GUI separates your work and play.
Writing GitHub Web Hooks with Bash  by Andy Carlson
Bring your GitHub repository to the next level of functionality.
Words, Words, Words―Introducing OpenSearchServer  by Marcel Gagné
How to create your own search engine combined with a crawler that will index all sorts of documents.
Calculating the ROI of DevSecOps  


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