Linux Journal Issue #297/April 2019

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The 25th Anniversary Issue

The 25th Anniversary Issue  by Bryan Lunduke
25 Years Later: Interview with Linus Torvalds  by Robert Young
Linux Journal's very first issue featured an interview between LJ's first Publisher, Robert Young (who went on to found Red Hat among other things), and Linus Torvalds (author of the Linux kernel). After 25 years, we thought it'd be interesting to get the two of them together again.
Interview with Linus, the Author of Linux  by Robert Young
From Issue #1, March/April 1994.


A Big Thanks to Our Subscribers  
The Asian Penguins  by Bryan Lunduke
Patreon and Linux Journal  
FOSS Means Kids Can Have a Big Impact  by Corbin Champion
Reality 2.0: a Linux Journal Podcast  
FOSS Project Spotlight: Drupal  by Lizz Troudeau
Plotting on Linux with KmPlot  by Joey Bernard
News Briefs  


Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   What Linux Journal's Resurrection Taught Me about the FOSS Community  
Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Open Source Is Winning, and Now It's Time for People to Win Too  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Back in the Day: UNIX, Minix and Linux  
Zack Brown's diff -u   What's New in Kernel Development  
Glyn Moody's Open Sauce   Open Source Is Eternal  

Deep Dive: Kids and Linux

The Kids Take Over  by Doc Searls
As with Linux, these kids are all about making things—and then making them better. They're also up against incumbent top-down systems they will reform or defeat. Those are the only choices.
Linux...Do It for the Children  by Marcel Gagné
A rundown of some fun and educational Linux software for kids.
Thoughts from the Future of Linux  by Bryan Lunduke
What do kids want to do with Linux? And, where will the next generation take open-source computing?


Kubernetes Identity Management: Authentication  by Marc Boorshtein
You've deployed Kubernetes, but now how are you going to get it into the hands of your developers and admins securely?
Build Your Own Internet Radio Receiver  by Nick Tufillaro
Tune in to communities around the world with the push of a button.


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